By John Bishop, President of the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation

Welcome to Wheelchair Rugby Ready. This educational resource is designed to support our players, coaches, officials and stakeholders by explaining in detail many of the important aspects of our exciting sport. It also serves to remind every viewer of how proper preparation for training and playing the Game allows Wheelchair Rugby to be fully enjoyed by all, while reducing the risk of injury.
As our sport continues to grow around the world, each of us has a responsibility to manage the welfare of the ever-increasing number of men and women who play the Game. Wheelchair Rugby Ready offers a simple-to-use format that provides participants at every level with the recommended methods and protocols. I encourage you to utilize the full capacity of this resource, and hope you recommend it to all who participate in the sport.
On behalf of the IWRF, hearty thanks to the IRB for helping make this resource possible. I also offer thanks to the global Wheelchair Rugby family for ensuring that the Game maintains its core principle of fair play, which has been central to our sport's global appeal.
Now, let’s all get Wheelchair Rugby Ready!


Selected images are courtesy of Bogetti-Smith Photography.