How to use this Wheelchair Rugby Ready resource

This online guide is part of the IWRF Wheelchair Rugby Ready family of resources. It is available in three platforms:

  1. Handbook
  2. Online learning program
  3. Face-to-face course

While any one of these platforms can be an effective way of learning about best safety practices in Wheelchair Rugby, it is best to use a combination of these three platforms.

To gain the best use from the Wheelchair Rugby Ready resources, you should use them in conjunction with the International Rules of the Game found on the IWRF website at

Here you can read the complete Rules of the Game, and watch video examples and animations in order to build your understanding of how the rules are applied during the game.

Online exam

Once you have read a chapter within the Wheelchair Rugby Ready program, there is an online self-check exam for you to check your knowledge of the subject matter covered in the chapter. Upon successful completion of ALL the exam questions for ALL chapters, you can download your personalised Wheelchair Rugby Ready awareness certificate.

Please be aware that you must have a registered account (and be logged in to the account) in order to access the exam questions. If you have not registered, you can do so by clicking on the 'Register' button in the panel on the left.