Player responsibilities

It is the responsibility of both players and coaches to be educated about the classification process and the proper procedures. Athletes are responsible for arriving at the classification area at their assigned times in their playing chairs with gloves, straps and any other equipment that they use during play. Equally as important, the athlete must give full effort and co-operation. Any athlete perceived as not fully co-operating with the classification process may sustain penalties such as:

  • May not be given a sport class, thus be ineligible to play
  • May be disqualified from a tournament, thus be ineligible to play
  • May have their class changed at any time
  • May not be awarded an international sport class

Athletes who are found to be intentionally misrepresenting their skills or abilities during the classification process may be subject to even more severe penalties, including being banned from participation for a period from two years to a lifetime ban.

In the event that an athlete enters the classification area under the influence of any performance altering substance, the athlete will be asked to leave without receiving a sport class and therefore will not be eligible to play.