Before playing Wheelchair Rugby, there are a series of checks to be undertaken by the team coach to ensure that a player is Wheelchair Rugby Ready.

A Wheelchair Rugby player will:

  • have the physical attributes and have attained the necessary level of fitness for their level of play
  • have sufficient technical skill and ability for the grade at which they are playing
  • be familiar with the rules of the Game and what constitutes foul play

Player profiling is an established method of assessing players’ readiness to play Wheelchair Rugby. A good profile will help coaches ascertain if a player is Wheelchair Rugby Ready. Profiling should take place before pre-season training starts and when new players join the squad. It should then be repeated at intervals throughout the season.

The profile should gather information on the following areas:

  • personal contact and next of kin details
  • medical history (including details of any medication taken)
  • cardiac questionnaire
  • lifestyle and fitness information
  • history of injury
  • record of insurance
  • previous exposure to Wheelchair Rugby

Special attention should be given to:

  • all new players
  • specific information about pre-existing injuries
  • any player with a history of concussion
  • older players who may have degenerative conditions