Most athletes wear gloves while playing Wheelchair Rugby, and consider them as a vital part of their personal equipment. They are worn for several reasons, but most often because they help protect the hands and skin during play.

Some additional benefits of wearing gloves are:

  • They often provide additional grip when pushing the chair, and aid with starting and stopping
  • They can help compensate for the loss of hand and finger function associated with a disability
  • They make catching, throwing and handling the ball easier during practice and competition

Many different types of gloves are available to choose from. When selecting gloves one should look for something durable that will hold up to the rigors of the sport. Many athletes prefer using rubber coated cotton gloves such as shown below, because they are inexpensive and provide considerable grip to the player. Using tape to secure gloves to your wrist is a common practice and is highly recommended.

Rubber coated cotton gloves
(Atlas gloves)

Newman gloves