Strapping is an important part of every Wheelchair Rugby athlete’s preparation when getting ready to practice or play. Being properly strapped into your Rugby chair will provide added stability and improve all aspects of your performance on the court.

When strapped correctly, a Rugby chair will respond as if it is a natural part of the athlete's body, in essence becoming one. The three primary areas where strapping is used are:

  • The waist – to compensate for the lack of or a weakness of trunk muscles
  • The thighs – to keep the legs apart and from shifting side to side during play
  • The feet – to keep the feet firmly in place in a comfortable position on the foot plate

Many different types of strapping are available, and can be made from leather, neoprene, nylon, rubber or other materials. Because strapping techniques are so varied, it is best to talk with your coach or other athletes to help determine what system may be best for your needs.

Waist, thigh and foot strapping in action