Additional equipment

A Wheelchair Rugby Ready athlete is responsible, and will always bring everything they may need when attending a practice or competition. Most players use a gym bag or backpack for this, and will carry an assortment of items that they will use or need. Some of the common things a player may carry with them are:

  • A water bottle and spray bottle
  • Several rolls of athletic tape
  • Extra gloves and strapping
  • An extra practice jersey and/or T-shirt
  • Four to eight extra inner-tubes for the Rugby chair
  • Spare parts such as extra spokes, bearings, axles, etc
  • A small toolkit with wrenches, pliers, hex-wrenches, etc
  • Personal items such as gum, catheters, medication, towel, hand cleaner, etc

Every athlete should also have one or two spare wheels for their Rugby chair that are always ready to go. This means that the tires are properly inflated with air and without leaks, and they are brought to every practice or competition by the player. Your team may have an equipment manager, but it is the athlete who must always be Wheelchair Rugby Ready.

Players should have spare wheels ready to go in case of damage