Emergency action plan (continued)

First aid room

Ideally, a Wheelchair Rugby Ready first aid room will be located adjoining the playing area at the venue and should have:

  • Access to a telephone
  • Access for a stretcher
  • Access for an ambulance
  • Adequate lighting and climate control
  • A sink with hot and cold running water
  • Floors that are non-slip, impervious and washable
  • Emergency telephone numbers clearly displayed
  • A record book for recording incidents where first aid has been given
  • An examination table with waterproof protection, clean pillows and blankets
  • Wall linings and worktops that can be easily cleaned, to comply with hygiene and infection control requirements
  • Appropriate safe storage for medical equipment and first aid materials, adequate arrangements for the disposal of clinical waste and sharps, e.g., needles
  • Automatic external defibrillator

More information on developing an emergency plan is available for download


For information on what to do in an emergency, see the 'When injury occurs' section.


Wheelchair Rugby is a physical contact sport and there are inherent risks associated with participating in Wheelchair Rugby-related activities. Accidents can happen and may happen to you. The IWRF does not accept any responsibility or liability in negligence or otherwise in relation to any injury, loss or damage suffered by persons seeking to replicate activities demonstrated in this IWRF Wheelchair Rugby Ready product or participating in Wheelchair Rugby-related activities generally.