Physical conditioning

Principles of training

  • Individuality: Players react to the same stimulus in different ways. The main reasons are: genetic; initial fitness levels; maturity.
  • Adaptation: When players train consistently over time, changes take place which make them more effective and efficient.
  • Overload: In order to achieve gains in fitness; the player must continue to increase the amount of training work they perform.
  • Work / Play versus Rest / Regeneration: Although it is important that the training load is progressive, equally important are rest and regeneration.
  • Specificity: Fitness is activity-specific and the training a player performs must relate to the demands of the Game.
  • De-training: Any prolonged lay-off from training will be accompanied by a drop-off or de-training of fitness levels. Therefore, a reconditioning program should be undertaken before a player returns to full training / play.