Anti-doping and medication

Doping control plays an essential part in promoting and protecting sport. The IWRF operates under a zero tolerance policy on doping in Wheelchair Rugby. As a player, you are solely responsible for any prohibited substances found to be present in your body. It is not necessary that intent or fault on your part be shown in order for a doping violation to be established. This is known as the “strict liability” principle.

Always advise your doctor or pharmacist before you are prescribed a medication that you may be subject to drug testing.

Players who are taking any medication, prescribed or otherwise, or dietary supplement, should be certain that it does not contain a prohibited substance. To check the ingredients of specific substances, the Global Drug Reference found at

may be of assistance, but only for products purchased in Canada, the UK or the USA. If in doubt, or for any other countries, contact your National Anti-Doping Organisation.

Access to the most recent WADA Prohibited List of substances and methods prohibited in sport, and other supporting documents are available on the

anti-doping page

of the IWRF website.