The warm-up is a vitally important first step for any player to become Wheelchair Rugby Ready. The aims of the warm-up are to prepare players to perform effectively and efficiently, and to reduce the further risk of injury.

The warm up should last between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the activity to follow. It must be versatile enough to be adaptable to meet the requirements of a competitive match or a training session.

The warm-up should start off at low intensity, with a gradual progression through a series of movements from a general and simple level to a more specific and higher intensity level. This will enable the players to prepare muscles and joints to move at the appropriate speed and with the range of motion that is required by the following session or game.

The key benefits of the warm-up are:

  • To raise the temperature of the body so that muscles become more elastic and thus movements are more efficient
  • To stimulate the heart and lungs so that the pulse and breathing rates are increased
  • To activate the relevant muscle groups
  • To improve reaction speed by stimulating the nervous system
  • To improve co-ordination
  • To enable the players to prepare mentally.