Sequence of events

Wheelchair Rugby is an invasion and evasion game: once possession has been gained, the objective is to move the ball forward by passing or carrying the ball into opposition territory and ultimately to score points.

To start a game of Wheelchair Rugby, four players from each team will enter the court. An official IWRF ball is used during play, which is similar in size and weight to a volleyball.

To begin the game, a tip-off is held. One player from each team enters the centre circle located at mid-court, taking position on the same side as their respective team benches.

When all players are in position, the referee will blow his whistle and toss the ball vertically between the two players.

At this point, players may make legal contact with each other, and the two players in the centre circle can attempt to tip the ball with their hands to direct it toward a team mate.

Once a player has taken possession of the ball, that team will begin their attempt to score while the opponents prepare to defend.

The team that does not gain possession of the ball after the tip-off shall be awarded the first possession under the alternating possession procedure. An alternating possession arrow located on the scorer’s table shall indicate the direction of play for the next possession under this procedure.